My Spring Skincare Routine

To me, Skincare has always been a must. I grew up with oily skin- to which i’m still battling now. But to me, if you don’t use the right products, it’s not going to help you in the long term.

Each month, i make sure all my products i use are full, and any that aren’t, i buy more. It’s important to stick to your skincare routine as it allows your complexion to be clearer and brighter. For me, if i don’t wash my face with cleansing soap and use the same products each day, i’ll feel and look unreplenished. Each day i wash my face with Simple Cleansing Soap and Simple Moisturizing Lotion. I’ve been leaning towards Simple for a while now, as i used to use Nivea- but then my mum stocked up on Simple so… i switched.



Mum’s always been the skincare adventurer, so i guess that’s why my skincare routine has changed up a little.

Product used above is the Simple SOS clearing booster. I use this regularly as i find it decreases my t-zone’s oily appearance/ especially on a gym day!

Product used above is the Simple SOS clearing booster. I use this regularly as i find it decreases my t-zone’s oily appearance/ especially on a gym day!

I used to think Simple wasn’t Vegan. But obviously since then i’ve heard different. I like the feeling of having clean, fresh skin when i wake up in the morning which is why i love using Simple.

My Skincare Routine Using Simple


First- you cleanse

Before you ask- my photographer was my mum- i know i know- it’s just she was upstairs- and i was preparing the ‘scene’.

Everyday i use either moisturiser, or micellar water which tends to do the trick these days. But since switching to Simple, i’ve been following their routine.

i’m not a massive routine lover, but i do like switching the products i use, which comes in handy when mum has a huge drawer full of a brand- i think she has a problem.

Other than my skinhaul-aholic mother, clean skin is a must when starting a new day or week. Does anyone else, after getting a shower, have skin that gets all dried up and icky? I obviously know i’m not the only one but i feel awful when i get out of the shower and see it all dried up- ugh it’s gross. It reminds me of like a desert or something- but it’s not healthy, I don’t know if it’s because of the hot water or because my skin hasn’t been looked after for a long time * slap on the wrist*, but it seriously makes me cringe.

Next -You Tone

As stated in the above Heading, You now use the toning water. Unlike Micellar Water, Toner is just one singular product- whilst Micellar Water does it all. I’m a fan of both, but if i’m doing a routine i need to do it properly - god now i sound like a teacher . The toner adds vitamins and helps purify and refresh your skin which is good if it’s a monday morning- oh god it’s monday tomorrow- great!


Finally- Moisturise

Whilst writing the above section, i only just realised it was Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise. My mum laughed when i shouted ‘oh my god, that makes so much sense’. I felt like a complete idiot not going to lie.

Anyway, so the final step is to moisturise, i love anything that gives my skin an extra glow and honestly if i felt skin anxious, then moisturiser is the way to go, plus it adds more vitamins to your skin so … you are really improving your skin’s health.


A tip-

In future cases, please recycle your products ethically by removing the cap from the bottles. Please also make sure you put it in the correct bin.

This is to enable that all products are recycled and disposed of probably, so it won’t inadvertently harm the environment.

Also, use cotton wool applicators to apply the products, and dispose of them correctly.

This may sound like i’m being an ‘envirogeek’ but looking after our environment is important for the future. Plus we don’t want any animals harmed do we?

Have a lovely week,