Neck Pains and Coursework Drained

So imagine my shock on Monday morning, when I wake up with a sharp fiery pain on the back of my neck and the side of my shoulders . If that doesn’t scream ‘karma’s a bitch’ then I don’t know what does .


Lemme ask you a question. If you have a week off , are you more likely to snooze in until noon , or wake up and get shit done? Well, my alarm was very much off for the whole eleven days I had off . Eleven days of Netflix binging, Harry Potter binging, and dare I say it - Christmas film watching . The sheer joy of waking up late without effecting your attendance marks pretty much made me feel like a Queen .

This Queen however, sourly underestimated her work load in terms of a presentation which she just finished , her assignment for business which is due next week and oh yeah ! A 4,000 word essay on feminism and how speakers like Chimamanda Adichie , Emma Watson and Emmeline Pankhurst’s speeches don’t conform to Feminine Stereotypes, which is due on Friday . It’s safe to say that the neck pain was .. a pain in my neck . A needle in my thigh - whatever stereotypical phrase sticks out to you .


It turned out , my neck and shoulder pain was due to the way I was sleeping , AKA the increased tossing and turning on the weekend due to the workload anxiety.

Not fun !
Moral of this rant : Get shit done on the break before leaving it until last minute . Your sanity - and neck - will Thankyou for it !

Much Love ,