A Small Style Update: Camouflage Cargo Pants

To me , I’ve always stayed below the line of ‘extra’, and definitely stayed in my comfort zone . If I’m honest , i don’t really see the appeal to be daring and distinguish my style according to how others dress . I’d rather be comfy and casual , as long as I’m not complaining about growing tightness in my derrière. That said , sometimes it’s acceptable to want to venture out and try new things , or in my case , have an excuse to borrow some money from my parents .


As I’m now approaching the two month break they call summer , or in my case , with no money or job ‘bummer’, I’ve started to advance towards a wider spectrum of choices within the trousers and jeans area , and so when scrolling through the endless results on New Look on the earlier hours of Saturday morning , I crawled upon these trousers .

The Cameo Rose Camo Cargo Pants , combines and casual and cultural etiquette which not only teams well with a black cropped tee ( as shown above), but you’ll find they are quite comfortable and easy to move around in . As long as you don’t mind the minor swishing sound they make as you walk through the day.

As I’ve scoured Pinterest , here’s a few ideas on how to style them (tagged the accounts and linked ).


With a Statement Tee

I know it’s easier said than done ( total lie), nail the effortless and ‘i just threw this on’ look by styling the trousers with a baggy tee , to add a confident and casual look to the outfit .

WiTh A Tank Top/ Cropped Tank

Whilst this may give us deja-vu to the Work From Home Fifth Harmony Music Video , it amplifies the attitude and cool style you need to beat this summer weather .

With a cropped hoodie and (Hopefully) a spoRts bra

Let’s face it , no one actually has the effort to wake up and plan out an outfit , especially when it’s 20 degrees out . Styling it with a cropped hoodie and a sports bra not only saves time , but also saves a sweat patch from forming .

Now if you’ll excuse me ,

I’ve got to dig out my old band t’shirts and totally not try karate in order to impersonate a younger Kim Possible .

Have a great week,

Love Meg xx

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