A day in the life of an anxious teen

I’m sat here, in my bed , wearing a jumper in which I’ve worn all day (yes, I’m the ‘take the bra off cba’ girl), with black joggers and my white fairy lights illuminating in the back ground .

This week, overall, has been kind of a wild ride to say the least . Starting second year of Sixth Form, alongside doing two years in one of a course , trying to find a job and learning how to drive , has pretty much bombarded my schedule .

Right now it’s Wednesday , the midweek mad, the day in which I honestly haven’t used to my advantage .


I suffer from the ‘overthinking’ part of anxiety. You know , the one where you think it’s gonna be awful , it’s going to ruin your life , and then after taking some green tea and watching friends, you are as chill as a .. ice cube ?

The fact is , in terms of Anxiety to me , it’s overthinking . I have overthought about everything in my life from day one , such as needles, flu jabs , boys , exam results , lying . The list is endless .

Only now , have I come to terms that I am in control of that . That if I don’t ‘book’ up my ideas and put effort into my work , it’s my wrong doing .

Am I lazy ? Hell yeah ! Am I supposed to be asleep? Definitely! Should I be more organised ? It’s obvious what the answer is .

So all I’m saying is , maybe the reason I am anxious most of the time , is because I estimate every possibility to failure . Failure bin is full, now it’s time I fill the success bin .

With Love ,

Meg xx

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