A Girl's Day Out In Beverley, East Yorkshire

Last Week i visited Beverley and for the first time i travelled by train , BY MYSELF! The thrill i got when the ticket master asked for my ticket was so worthwhile. As i mentioned to my friend, Ruby, i’m an independent soul, and as i’ve got ten more months until i turn 18 (yes i’m counting down), i want to travel as much as i can. I need to explore my independency and reach its limits as when i become 18, i’m officially an adult- that’s scary.

Yesterday i met up with my friend Ruby in Beverley and the weather was glorious!

The first place we visited was Starbucks (Obvi) and Ruby got the Mango Iced Black Tea, which i later tried, i got a Caramel Iced Frappuccino with the coffee on the bottom (so i could slurp it up first- recommend). I also got a croissant, because i skipped breakfast which i deeply regretted later on.

Filmore and Union with my friend Ruby * the amazing person behind this camera *

Filmore and Union with my friend Ruby *the amazing person behind this camera*

Upon visiting Beverley, we went to various places, including my all time favourite shop Paperchase in which i decked out £12 on some new stationary.

The Caramel Iced Frappe….

The Caramel Iced Frappe….

My New HM dress xx

My New HM dress xx


The best thing about Beverley is the small town vibes i get from it. I live in the City of Hull and to say that i love being in a small town is actually quite refreshing. You see, in the city you get bombarded by the fast flow of traffic, the air pollution fumes as you get out of starbucks and the constant hustle and bustle of busy ass people getting to work. What i love about Beverley is the quietness, not to mention the cleanliness . Yes, on Thursday it was quite busy but that was because it was before easter and during the two weeks off it was bound to be busy. The best thing about exploring is that i had a very handy travel guide (aka Ruby). I go to college with her, and spending time outside of the stress of college is something you should always do with a friend. Not only do you get to have chats about something else other than coursework and what-not, but you get to learn more about them.

Plus you’ll find, you can always have a laugh over starbucks (even if my laugh turns into the sound of a squeaky pig).

My advice for those who are always busy and never socially available is:

Take time off of your daily habits, organise a chat over coffee, even if it is for an hour. Not only does it refresh your brain but it allows you to socialise and actually chat about something other than work!

Always busy, and never with it,

Love Meg xx.png