Let's Talk: Body Insecurities and Social Anxieties within them.

I can’t tell you how many times I look in the mirror before I go out. It’s not a bad amount - only like 500 times. But that’s the point. I shouldn't be checking every five minutes, I should be content and I should feel confident with how I feel.

But sadly, that’s not happening. Throughout the past few weeks i’ve been suffering with a minor case of Angular Cheilitis. I’m only in the beginners stages, which is a good thing because it’s better than having it full blown.

I don’t know if i’m the only one who does/feels this, but every time I see a spot, a blemish or feel ill, I instantly google the symptoms. I am a hypochondriac no joke.


Whenever we see a minor imperfect detail, it allows us to take drastic measures, which in my case means: avoiding every single human being until the condition is cleared. But that’s just it isn’t it?

We automatically assume that it’s noticeable and that our bodies are supposed to be perfect. But they aren’t. They are supposed to be imperfect, because they outline our unique stamp. It’s our body to look after.

I got the ointment, and I learned my lesson. But why must we pressure those to hide their insecurities, when they should feel the freedom we all desperately want. Are we displaying the same thing, the same generic instabody every girl/guy supposedly has? Are we displaying who we really are?

No. I for one, am sick of hiding myself to please others. I’d rather walk around with a body that’s mine, a body that I was born with and be proud, than be shamed for not having the skinny, perfectly shaped body and face other’s apparently have.

I may have Angular Cheilitis, but i’m a normal person behind it.


I am a girl with Angular Cheilitis, Social anxiety, hourglass curves and Asthma,

That’s who I am,

Love Meg xx