Confession: I don't live an instagrammable life, and why i'm okay with that

It seems like almost everyone posts pictures on their feeds everyday, smiling into their lenses and posing almost like Kendall or Kylie would, wearing that uber amazing, tight fitted top that compliments them perfectly.

It’s almost as if they’ve spent hours upon hours deciding what shade of lipstick , what top and what to wear their hair like just so the picture looks amazing. I honestly thought that’s what i had to compete with a couple of months ago, but that’s what frustrates me.

I thought social media was something that promotes sharing a little piece of your life with on the internet, no planning, no earning and certainly no scheduling. But i’m pretty sure this has been overlooked as a side topic.

I’d just like one day were i can just post a no-makeup, full-acne faced selfie, and choose whatever the hell filter, caption and hashtag i want without being judged. Because it’s absolutely exhausting, absolutely over-looked, and honestly it’s not real life.

We create a version of ourselves that other people like, but you can’t show your real feelings, you can’t show what makes you weak (unless that’s Starbucks, then okay).


I just feel like there is so much social pressure to look and feel a certain way that we have to actual broadcast and strengthen a part of ourselves that eventually becomes too cliche. I can’t exactly say i’m confident enough with my body to wear a bikini and a tube top to actually post it online. Not like i would in the first place, but if we continue to exhibit social standard instability online, then who knows what will happen in the long term.

Will it affect our mental health? Most probably..

Will it gain yourself some followers? Yes.

Will those followers actually care if you post one unstable image? Prepare to be unfollowed.

I for one am sick of being judged on what i post online regardless of whether if my zit is concealed or visible. For once i’d just like to post an image of a cute dog i see in the streets . But i don’t see that happening any time soon.

I’d rather gain a following for being myself that gain a following for being a fake version of my dream self.


Love Meg x