For The Busy Girl: The In-Bag Beauty Essentials You Need

Been busy recently? Oh yeah, I know the feeling all too well. Try cramming 2 years worth of a subject, alongside a year’s worth of 3 subjects into one year, You can imagine the stress it puts on my social and mental needs.

It’s important that this year my health is looked after efficiently, which is why I think that the busy girl should have all the beauty essentials she needs inside her bag.

In my bag I carry three notebooks for three subjects, alongside a folder with coursework materials, my laptop and charger, alongside pencil case, portable charger for phone AND now my beauty bag.

Yeah, I feel like a real life tortoise. Not fun. But fun in terms of preparedness to which I desperately need to be.


I like to stick to the products that I’ll need the most, because if I bring too many products then my bag will be extra heavy, and i’d rather not break my back at 17, thanks.

The essentials to me, include:

  • Hand Cream- great for dry hands

  • Moisturiser- my T-zone starts to dry up otherwise

  • Lipstick- because whenever I need an extra sass moment , it’s actually handy.

  • Skin-booster serum- I have acne so, I need extra protection.

  • lip balm- dry lips? yeah, not on my face.

  • Spray- i’d rather stink of flowers, than of B.O.

  • Hand Sanitiser- I don’t trust public toilets enough

blog 2.jpg
blog 3.jpg

Pack the things you need, not want. The things you need are what makes busy girls prepared. In this day and age, there isn’t always a column for what you want, but those items that you need, can impact your day more than you know.

Much love,

Meg xx