What are you doing this summer? : My Summer Goals

Now I could tell you all sorts of things to do with summer. Where I’d like to go , what i’d Like to do . But besides all the cliche’s, this summer is about spontaneity. It’s about challenging my inner depths and it’s also about expressing myself .

Last summer my parents took me to a woodland retreat, where we walked and biked through the Yorkshire woodlands , and wallowed and turned our fingers into prunes (anyone else just cringe at the feeling?) in the hot tub in our luxury woodland lodge . It was an amazing last minute stay , and it allowed me to just unwind before i started my first year of Sixth Form.

My mum wants to go and visit our relatives down south , and my inner anxiety trembles at the thought of meeting them again and being the one responsible for guiding mum half way across the country .

It’s not as if I don’t want to see them , I’m just scared because i haven’t seen them in nearly 9 years . A lot has changed since then , for instance , I’ve grown physically , mentally and emotionally . I’m in sixth form now and I also have began to form my own opinions and thoughts . Oh god what if I stutter ?

However , despite all this anxiety , I’ve got two months and a bit to worry about such issues , I’ve got two months to take photography , socialise , volunteer with Cancer Research , and battle the London Rail Road (oh god ).


My Goals for the summer:

  1. Get to know a friend more - sounds cliche , but it’s better to socialise and learn new things . Plus maybe they could give me Netflix recommendations?

  2. Take more nature photography- seriously I love up-close , focused shots of flowers currently!

  3. Learn a new skill- preferably baking

  4. Write a poem - because spontaneity is creativity’s best friend.

  5. Spend time with family - next year is my last year , and I don’t want to miss out on key events , because I’ll be going (hopefully) to university next September .

So whilst I might not have everything entirely figured out , I’d like to at least try and accomplish these goals . Hopefully I don’t get mum and I lost !

Have a great week,

Love Meg x