How To Be Confident In Photos

It’s not a secret that the mountain of anxiety almost triples when in front of the camera. In fact, that’s how i felt when my friend Ruby took these photos back in October last year. Not only does being practically exposed to a camera lense increase anxiety levels, and decrease self esteem, but it also increases photo awkwardness.

Being confident in photos doesn’t necessarily mean posing uncomfortably, waving your bum in the air and dancing like a complete loon ( has happened before).

No one expects you to stand up there and pose like Karlie Kloss or whatever supermodel you try and mold yourself into.


Don’t stress

If i had a penny for every moment that i stressed out about getting the perfect angle and exposure, i would be a billionaire. That’s as much as it would cost for me to practically pay for 2 years worth of editing classes, because stressing about every little thing that could be wrong with the photo, seriously does take a toll on self esteem . To act natural, is to not worry about everything that could go wrong, and just be yourself.


Don’t fake it

There’s literally no point in taking the photo if you are faking the emotions you feel. Let people know how you feel, even if it’s an awkward smile. People don’t want to see a fake smile, they are okay with a small wave, or a laughing face, because believe it or not, they understand that it’s a spare of the moment, glimpse of the mood. They understand and accept the awkwardness.


Accept the Flaws

No one likes having to retake photos due to the tiny hiccups in them . After we took these photos , I nearly freaked when I saw my bra-strap was showing ( who else hates that ?). Nevertheless , no photos are perfect . Unless you are one of the many few that sit on their laptop editing and editing and editing . You need to accept the problems within the photo in order to fully accept your look.


Pull funny faces!

I remember last Monday when i was out with my besties Mia and Rubes , we ended up travelling to my town’s urban marina , where we found some pretty sweet backdrops! The wind was an absolute pain so therefore we decided to get a little funky in the process . Plus it’s not like we could help it , the wind was our enemy! It not only lightens the mood but it releases the stress of making everything picture perfect !


Photos don’t have to be perfect , all they are supposed to display is memories !

love ,

Meg xx