How to organise your diary - and how it's effective

let’s be honest. Since you bought that diary in the new year it’s either been collecting dust, or scribbled on constantly. It’s not being used for it’s actual intent.

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I’ve honestly been very mindful this year on how i use my diary and manage my daily tasks. I categorise my diary into four sections.

  • Green for Important Events

  • Blue for Leisure

  • Pink for blog

  • Purple for wyke


Just to clarify, colour coding is not necessary but i just wanted to use my Pastel Stabilo’s to my advantage. Not only did it make things easier to categorise, but it looked very colourful which is always an added bonus.

You don’t necessarily need colours , in fact shapes, squiggles and good category ideas do justice.

If a women, you NEED to write down health, because i cannot stress on how annoying it is to wake up on a random morning and realise that your monthly has arrived. To the lads reading this- sorry not sorry.

I normally take my diary with me everywhere, but because i can’t take it to college with me due to the amount i take with me on the daily, i put a note on my calendar so it allows me to update my diary when i get home.


As mentioned before, categorisation is very important. It allows you to interpret what is urgent, what is not as important.

Like mentioned before (again), i use four categories that tailor to my daily tasks. Lifestyle ranges from a face mask, some meditation, gym etc. Leisure to me is anything that is familial, so like meals, days out , basically anything fun.

I’m pretty sure the last two are self explanatory, but to organise your diary you actually have to stick to a day to organise it. To me , that’s a sunday. On sunday’s i go to the gym, which is why on the day i’m writing this- saturday, i am even more happy because my period started today. Your menstrual cycle actually encourages you to work out, as feeling uncomfortable is literally mood when going to gym.

Anyway have an amazing week, and stay positive and feel free if feeling unconfident to visit my motivational quotes board on pinterest!

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