Just an Update

Hey everyone,

Whilst i’m almost sure this blog isn’t even visible to most, or any of the world, i’d just like to update you on why i haven’t been posting.


Somewhere along the long, excruciating line of summer, my laptop has begun to crash and that basically means, less uploads, less work done and * dramatic piano music * less blog posts. This basically got be very frustrated as i’m currently in the process of learning how to edit photos using adobe photoshop. My parents however, luckily, have been saving up since last september, and we have ordered a Macbook Pro.

You have no idea how livid i am!


The fact that I will soon be able to join in with the group of people who sit at Starbucks/Costa, and do work, actually makes me want to jump up and down.

In other news , I have bought photoshop and therefore that means I will be able to edit , upload and increase my editing skills .

Now i’ll leave you with a question , which do you prefer ?

a) Costa latte?

b) Starbucks latte ?

Leave your answer on my Instagram story and feel free to follow me !


Meg x