Lets Talk About: Keeping motivation high, and keeping sleep deprivation low

I’ve always been the one up at the ungodly hour of 12am, and it’s no surprise to my parents as i’m addicted to my phone.

It’s always been a problem, however to my parents they can give it up like a click of a button. To me it’s next to impossible, and yet i want to give up. I want to give up trying. Because as i sit here in the afternoon of the 24th of march 2019, i realize that i’ve adapted to this strange technology enthused world. My Iphone 5s is literally like a magnet against my hands- it won’t come off. I can’t go five minutes without it, unless i leave it at home- which will never happen.

But it’s impacting my sleep. On average us humans are supposed to sleep 8 hours per day. To me that seems like a dream- to those who have a job- it’s almost a routine. Ever since i got let go last October, i’ve been told, time and time again that i need to get up off my ass and get a job, that i need to be more responsible, that i- you get the gist.

I live in a town full of job opportunities- but they require experience- that in which i most definitely don’t have. I haven’t got a year’s worth of restaurant experience, i haven’t got a car, i haven’t got- it just goes on. Why do job expectations have to be high? Why can’t i apply for a simple waitressing job, gain the training and the money. Why does the job world have to be so goddamn impossible?


It makes me wonder , however, am i really trying? How am i actually approaching this seemingly impossible task? Am i actually improving my overall confidence? The answer is no. I aren’t. But it’s not entirely my fault either.

My parents are always the pushers, they say ‘you need to ‘ ‘you need to ‘, which decreases my actual chance of doing something. I know that’s a childish way of putting my emotions away by blaming it on the parents. Yes it is definitely childish, and irresponsible.

For me, to get me motivated, it requires two things:

Item A- a starbucks top up of £10 -wink wink parents- or more costa coffee pods because there’s definitely someone stealing the odd pod in our house- i swear it’s my Dad.

Item B- no nagging! I swear if one person mentions the words ‘job’ and ‘get’ , i will actually explode. In my town there’s a lack of jobs, and i can’t stand it if people keep on nagging me because i can’t help it. i really can’t.

To keep motivation high i use my pinterest. It’s literally my saviour, and for those living under a rock, or haven’t discovered my pinterest yet:

I think pinterest to me is like an inspiration folder, that’s how i actually come up with blog post ideas, i scroll for an hour, and write down whatever topics interest me. Sounds boring doesn’t it? Not if i have my Amazon Alexa blasting Sabrina Carpenter on a low enough but high enough volume for my neighbours to not shout at me.

I like how inspiration comes to me though. It’s like if i don’t have coffee in the morning, i listen to a podcast. If that get’s me inspired, then the world is my oyster, if i do have coffee though- well let’s just say i’ll be singing old one direction songs until mid afternoon, when i’m groaning on being tired.

Always dreaming, and hopefully achieving (Sorry not sorry),

Love Meg xx.png