Let's Talk About: Socially Awkward Situations and Cliche Questions

Imagine this: You are sitting in starbucks (yes again) slurping on that caramel frappe that your friend recommended, with your phone dead and no other sources of entertainment. You realise you have your charger in your bag but are wearing a skirt and would rather want to avoid flashing to the teen boys sat opposite you in the opposing booth. So you look around and start to analyse every person that walks to and from the serving counter. You feel like someone said your name, and then when recognising that supposed person, you:

Have no idea what to say.

This has happened to me too many times to date. I know it’s not everyone’s favourite topic to read about, as we have all suffered from it in the past- don’t act like you haven’t.

Starting and participating in conversations can be very complex, and can also be very embaressing. Because when participating in conversations, it’s like an open door to opinions, facts and face threatening acts - AKA offending.

I don’t like cliche questions, because they often lead to conversations ending. The whole aim to a conversation is keeping it going, and asking questions like, ‘so the weather’s been good, hasn’t it’ , isn’t really going to actually aid.


Just to disclose: It’s a pet peeve to me, like open switches and that odd stain that turns out to be chocolate -thank god. If we are even thinking of starting a conversation, why not ask meaningful questions that we actually want answering. If that person isn’t typically the person you talk to, shouldn’t that push you to ask what you actually want to hear?

Just a thought,

Love Meg xx.png