March Fashion Favourites

If you told me i would be posing casually in a military dress, that’s denim, whilst pulling it off eloquently- i’d probably think i’m on another planet.

This year i’ve been exploring my casual and comfy boundaries, deciding if i feel comfortable wearing dresses- as i’m the typical jeans and top girl. If you are one of those- you’d understand the struggle.

The truth is, i’m not confident about my body. My curves make me feel podgy, and my hormonal spots on my back are making me feel really insecure.

But don’t we all have that train of thought.I can’t be the only one right?


Recently i’ve been stocking up on a lot of crop tops and airy slogan tees. why ? I love a good t-shirt. Honestly whilst writing this i’m wearing one. It’s crazy how easy they are to style, with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses like this one, pinafores- it’s honestly worryingly easy. If you want some style inspo, follow my pinterest page .

The fact is, when searching for spring style, you want items that are easier to transition into spring, things that are easier to stay cool, yet stay warm. Which is why denim dresses, and crop tops are a simple option.

My mum bought me the striped top (above), which you can buy from Topshop. It was part of a birthday present , and i absolutely am in love with it - I normally shop at primark- but it’s quite rare that i find something i like from Topshop as i don’t typically have the budget- but since she offered….

Nevertheless, crop tees and dungaree’s are the way to go- all the time.

What’s your favourite item of clothing at the moment?

Staying happy, but never crappy (the heck??),

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