The Fall Style Edit

As soon as the autumn season arrives in the UK, I immediately think ‘right lets get the tartan out’, because in all seriousness, it’s my favourite pattern to date.

I currently have at least five tartan shirts, there’s two more in my mum’s room- but a larger size, because ironically I’m taller than her and yet she’s a larger size.

My fall essentials consist of: A leather jacket, a knitted cardigan, a small backpack type bag, a bandana and of course- a tartan shirt.


In all honesty, I find that keeping up with trends, not only ruins your bank account, but ruins your own unique stamp of style. Your wardrobe should represent you; not the trends that have passed or are current.

As a college student, I find that almost no one recognises your outfit unless they are your friends, or your significant other (which lets face it; is none existent in my life currently). I’d rather dress in something that makes me feel comfortable, than wear something that doesn’t represent who I am.

I recently went onto Pinterest after a week-long hiatus and updated my pin-board, including making a fall style look book. Here are some of my fave looks to date (all photos have links so therefore you can pin them to save them for future inspo).

I think fall Is about wellness and growth, and to say that i’m learning new ways to get around the fashion game, and be confident, is a big step for me.

I hope you have an amazing week, and feel free to follow me on Pinterest, i’d be happy to share some inspiring pins with you :)


Meg xx