My Two-Product Way to Cleansed and Pore-less Skin

As the hot season approaches, i have been very cautious on what products i use on my skin. I’ve noticed that i’ve been spending quite a lot on skincare products, and as i am still unemployed and a confessed shopaholic, i have began to explore new ranges. I don’t think cleansing your skin has to be as expensive as every Instagram promoter expresses, to be honest, give me some micellar water and i’ll be fine.

But i stumbled on Biore. I’ve been using their Anti-Blemish Scrub for quite a while now, and honestly it’s very effective when i’m in a hurry and only have five minutes to wash my face. But sometimes on a nightime , i hate going to bed with a somewhat oily face, so i think the anti-blemish cleanser is the best remedy.


I start my day off at the measly hour of 6:30am, and every morning without fail i always seem to go into the bathroom and see an oil-plunged forehead. My forehead is literally double the standard forehead size , so generally speaking, it gets quite shiny on the daily. I like starting off my routine by washing my face with cold water. Very cold water may i add. Not ‘it’s a little cold’, as in ‘oh shoot’. Not only does it remind me that i don’t need coffee, but it reminds me that 1) i slept in one too many times, and it’s 7am now, and 2) WAKE THE **** up. It makes me feel refreshed, in short terms.

I’d like to say that some products i’ve used in the past have been successful, most notably, the cheapest product in being is the Clean and Clear Face Wash, in which i just used to wash off the remnants of my mascara, but i’d also like to say it’s taught me a lot about how much we are willing to pay in order to gain skin purity and all in all, cleansed results. The Skincare Sector has always taunted me as i walk down the isles of my local Superdrug. Garnier, L’oreal , Simple, Nivea, Nip and Fab, there are a large variety of products that presumably boast ‘skin-enhancing’ and ‘clear and clean’ complexities, and whilst most are willing to pay the top price for the top product, some have limits. But that’s fine.

I’d just like to point out when in the process of buying such products, you must research and read reviews online, otherwise you are buying into a product which may not be as it claims to be.

Other than my mini rant, and my bizarre skincare routine, i think the Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser is effective in purifying and cleaning your skin at whatever time, and condition, Just for future reference, please DO NOT put moisturiser on your forehead. It increases oily skin, and not to mention adds and extra shine.

Living and Learning,

Love Meg xx