Should or could? That's the question.

I always base my questions on should. But it’s quite a strong verb, it’s like an obligation. We should do this, we should say this. A little controlling don’t you think? It’s forceful. it’s like a push towards an action.

Why can’t we say could? It’s a complex verb. We actually have an option. Every day we face ourselves with options, but we always seem to be stuck in factory settings- we should do the washing and then walk the dog. But then there’s another option- we could walk the dog and do the washing afterwards. I always put others first, when i could look after myself first.

Why ‘should’ you do something, when you ‘could’ do something else.

Using our instinct is better than sticking to the factory settings in our thinking box. A maybe is better than sticking to the norms. If we keep using ‘should’ we’ll actually never change our perspective.


Myself? I normally use ‘should’. I don’t think of the options, i thrive in responsibility. In the morning for example:

  • 6:30-7:00- stalk Instagram for half an hour. I should get up and get a shower, but i could relax.

  • 7.00- 7:10- Go downstairs and tidy - this is a should. I could watch television…

  • 7:10-7:20- Make a cup of tea for my parents- i could get changed…

  • 7:20-7:40- get changed and showered. I could make my dad’s packed lunch.

  • 7:40-8:00- prepare the last few things and then go to college. I could walk to college- i’m lazy by the way.

Why live life based on a should? We could live life the way we want to. We should get a job after college, but we could go to university and get more experience.

Live on a could, and not a should.

Have a good week, or you could have a great week,

Love Meg xx (1).png