To The Girl That Has It All Figured Out

There’s something about sleeping in until noon and watching Friends on repeat that makes me miss the days in which I could play hooky from College/ be ‘sick’. Last Friday I did something stupid. No, it wasn’t binge watching Friends until god knows what time, but I did homework on a day in which I was supposed to be ill.  The adjective ‘ill’ is a word that is used to typically describe someone who is suffering from an illness, disease or feeling unwell. I was diagnosed with the illness of ‘fatigue, dizzy spells’ and a slight case of unpreparedness, which caused me wonder, what in the hell was I doing wrong?


Despite everything I hoped to accomplish on this last year before I go away to University, I never contemplated organising my schedule. Yes, me, the girl that praised Monica Geller style- organisation. The one girl who actually had everything prepared, was never, and will never, exist. Not in my life form anyway.

I always anticipated what it would be like to actually have everything sorted out. Waking up at 6:30am, hair not looking like a makeshift birds nest, bag packed, phone charged, weather not a total mood killer; that would be the life. Not having to make my dad late because someone forgot her keys in the house, or she plain and simply forgot to grab her laptop charger. 

But as per usual, extraordinary preparedness is not-and never will be- my forte. 

Today, on Monday 14th October 2019, I completed an assignment due for 4:00pm, within the first two hours of my 2 ½ hour study period. I was rushing, panicking- and now I am fed up.

I hate not being prepared, I hate doing things last minute- and I have stress acne to come as an additional cost.

Now Ladies and Gentleman, as I ever so kindly be sarcastic in this post, I wonder- what would you do?

What would you say to the girl who has everything figured out? Would you punch her in the face? F-and-Blind at her? Or simply applaud her?

Me, I would roll my eyes.

Because there’s not a person that goes by that hasn’t had this experience, and the additional acne that comes with it.

So, I’ll admit, maybe I aren’t perfect, but at least I’m acknowledging it.

To the girl that has it all figured out,

Hat’s off to you.