What i'm doing currently and why i haven't posted, and why you should read.

i don’t think anyone really reads this blog if i’m honest, as i think at least two people click the link on my instagram bio, or just find this page randomly.

Currently i’ve been very busy. I’ve got three coursework pieces to do, i’ve got revision for my A-Level first year exams, and i’m also struggling on writers block. What’s worse is that i pushed myself into writing an article for my college’s magazine, and yet i have no idea what to write. The topic is about mental health and the stigma surrounding it. I find that the topic is something troubling and honestly i could rant about it all day.

The reason i haven’t posted is because.. well i feel very insecure about my future. Whilst my parents are pushing me to get a job, which i want FYI, it’s all they’ve been talking about- i’ve been struggling on deciding what to write about, because i’m pretty sure every blogger has written about it.

I know it’s irresponsible to write a post with no clear motive to share, but hasn’t everyone been in this freeze frame moment before? Like there’s so much you have to do, and people depend on you and - and -and …

The list is just endless, but i sometimes feel like exploding.


You should read this because it’s what everyone feels , and to be honest, it’s 100 percent real.

Being a blogger isn’t always about raving about the latest products, but it’s about reporting how others express themselves, and how that individual feels.

So maybe we can’t all afford to live in that lovely cottage, or are able to spend £400 on that new fendi bag, but maybe we can afford to splurge our emotions online. As we all feel the same at that certain time in our lives, and that’s why i blog, because i’m a realist. I express how i feel and i report about topics that matter to me and others.

Because being a blogger is sometimes about expressing ourselves as an individual.

You should read this because i’m being one hundred percent truthful to myself despite what others may say. Because i am Megan Louise Gelson, a seventeen year old Starbucks Lover, who is both unemployed and a passionate writer. I am myself and whilst others may judge, i express how i feel.

Maybe my life isn’t all glitz and glam, but i am pulling through for the sake of my friends, family and most importantly myself.

Write THAT on your next tweet.

Love Meg xx.png