My Last Year at Sixth Form; The worries, the wonders and the waitlist

Something troubles me about starting a new year . Last year I was thrown into the battlefield, with no preparation and certainly no idea what was in store for me . I think what worried me about starting sixth form was the challenge of managing my social life and managing my workload . Oh and finding a job ; still no luck there .

Exam prep was a bitch, i’ll admit. But what worried me the most was if my courses were going to work, if my grades would be okay at the end of the year ; and if I’d survive with no bullets in my chest - metaphorically of course .

I’m a natural born worrier. I’m one of those people that, when they get half way down the road, they wonder if that window downstairs was shut and if they left the stove on.

Growing older is a bitch but the scariest part is the responsibility we’re thrown into .


I’ll admit that some part of me is freaking out at the fact this is my last year to make a difference. I only get one shot and I have to make it count . The worst thing is, however , that I have to do two years worth of coursework in one for Creative Digital Media.I recently switched to due to the fact that the A Level Media course I chose last year wasn’t exactly giving me the results I wanted but gave me a hell of a lot more stress .


This year is my last chance to show my parents and notably the universities I’m going to apply for , who Meg Gelson really is . It’s my last year to get those grades, grab that bull by the horns and really make a stamp of who I aim to be in the future .

I’m worried that this year will impact my mental health massively though. With the excess stress and the increased workload , who knows which way it’ll turn . But what I can’t wait for ; is to get it over and done with.

If there’s one lesson I’ve lesdned from my many educated experiences is , you either try or don’t try . If you try, the way down will be fun of laughs and luck, if you don’t try , bumps and bruises will prevail.

Besides, I don’t think worrying about the future is going to help, I might as well focus on the now, and leave the rest till later ,

love meg xx