Afternoon Tea At Betty's In York

On Thursday, my parents and i travelled to York in order to celebrate my seventeenth birthday, and whilst other teens would have wanted to spend their parents dry, i just wanted a classic lunch. Granted, we did arrive later than expected as i didnt get out of college until 12 and it takes an hour to travel there in the car.

I'm quite a spontaneous person these days, so i thought of going to York, which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful towns in east yorkshire.

After i walked home with a huge present bag thanks to my amazing friend Ruby, i sat down to a beef sandwich as my parents knew i skipped breakfast that morning. After climbing into our car, we finally embarked on our journey to York. Of course, before we went to Betty's, we shopped. I got an amazing planner from Paperchase, which i've put in my Birthday post. When we arrived to Betty's, it was queue free, which seriously surprised me. But then i realised that it was midweek, and on the weekend it's the busiest.

We chose to sit downstairs, because it was pretty busy and we would rather sit downstairs away from the sun, and it was quieter down there.

Yorkshire tea anyone?

Yorkshire tea anyone?

When we initially sat down, my parents asked me what i wanted, and i said fish and chips. I was in a fish and chip mood, so they decided to have the same.

It came so quick as well. It took less than ten minutes to get the food to the table, and to say that i liked the food-well that's an understatement- i flipping loved it.

The fish was lovely, the peas were lovely- at this moment i can't think of anything greater.


Naturally, whenever someone asks if i want a cup of tea, the response is 'yes', because there's always the time for a good ol' yorkshire tea.

I love the nostalgia of being in a vintage, posh cafe, sipping on a hot cup of yorkshire tea, and indulging in a deep conversation.

it's moments like this that i treasure mostly. Mind my additional love of a chai latte, and a good buttermint tea- doesn't everyone love being spontaneous once in a while?

My next visit to York, i'll be visiting the other one in StoneGate!

What's your favourite part of York?

Mine's the shamble houses in the old town!


Love Meg xx.png