These Boots Are Made For Walking: The Autumnal Boots You Need In Your Wardrobe

It’s no surprise that your feet are in danger. All over Britain for the past month, rain has constantly battered the 9 to 5 mood and honestly, my feet or my attitude are not here for it.

Last Friday myself and my friends had a little shopping day in my town, and I spent some coin on an autumn essential my feet are thankful for.

Now, i’m not usually the one to brag (although my friends say I do- I don’t ), but spending only £30 on boots that not only will save my feet, but will upgrade the hoodie and jean outfit I so conveniently wear - it’s an obsession.


Choosing the right type of shoe for me is definitely something that proves a challenge when the weather takes a turn. There’s so many blummin’ options to choose from, and my feet are very difficult to accommodate in that sense. I have quite a slim foot, so finding shoes that will house my feet comfortably in that sense is definitely a struggle.

Below i’ve listed a couple of my fave boot styles that I think are perfect for this season!

Please note that NONE of the links given above are affiliate, but are credited to New look retailers in the U.K, and therefore none of these items are respectfully mine to sell (obviously), but I recommend them.

My favourite boot trend currently is the faux leather trend that is currently running it’s way through the fashion world and now into my wardrobe. I feel like ever since 2018, high-street retailers such as New Look and Topshop have become exceedingly mindful of what their products contain. I have bought into the vegan leather trend myself and bought the leather jacket, and the boots.

New Look , in 2019, Launched the New Look Kind campaign in which they made a promise, that by 2020, they will stop sending product waste to landfills and hope to reduce their products to using 25% less plastic. check out the campaign on their website now!

I may not be a vegetarian, or devoted climate saver, but I know that our planet is suffering, and therefore companies that make changes, should be noticed.

Have a lovely rest of the week,

Love Meg xx