Making a Vision Board

Making a vision board is a challenge, it’s not easy- but when is anything ever easy? Today, on the rainy Saturday that it is , i embarked on a challenge. Okay so it wasn’t really a challenge- as i actually enjoyed doing it. I like making a collection of images that will eventually inspire me in the long term.


A vision board isn’t just a collection of ripped up magazine graphics and colourful pages, it’s a collage of various items which not only interest you, but initiate a deep meaning.

On my vision board i have two sections, Style and Beauty. These are chosen for two reasons.

Reason one being because i want to up my fashion game- not to mention i couldn’t decide which one, and reason two being that i needed to up my hairstyle game as i want to make wet hair look sleek and not greasy (been there done that).


According to Google , a vision board is ‘a collage of images and words representing a person's wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation.’ and whilst this is only brief, it inertly structures the concept of what a vision board is supposed to be.

Don’t take this as a guide though. A vision board is whatever you want it to be. It could be purely aspirational, family and friends, or it could be just a normal collage of photos and quotes that inspire you as an individual. All you need is either some cellotape and scissors, or a pin-board and some bullet pins.

Get creative, who knows- it might pay off in the future!

Always being creative and unique,