Questioning Friendships

We've all been there. We meet a new person, they seem really nice- and then you question what they think about you when you aren't present-or maybe are, thats a bummer though.

Personally, i've always had the self doubt in my storage box brain. When i'm entering a test, when i'm about to talk to someone i like- and when in public especially.

In fact, unless you've had a one track 'go get-em' mind since day one, it's never going to actually be doubtless.

But that's okay. You probably are thinking right about now ' gee she sounds like a self help book', but i'm not, i'm just a teen who deals with this stuff on a daily basis.

If you've read my post of why hiding your feelings makes your anxiety worse , then you'll know that hiding your feelings isn't a good thing. The more you harbour those emotions, the more in the future it'll crash and burn.


I told my friends how i felt. It actually felt really good, it was like whatever i was holding back, was finally spilled.

I totally spilled the tea. Much like i spilled the tea when i was walking up the stairs yesterday- big stain.

It's such a relief. But sometimes, it feels nerving when you feel things like this.

But after a while, those thoughts go away.

Because after you accept those thoughts, it becomes a second motion. You forget the agonising thoughts and you start to realise that you will always feel this way: its okay.

Don't start to think 'oh god, what if im;' it will ruin your self-confidence.

My advice- focus on you and not what others think.

As always,

Love Meg xx.png
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