Why it's okay to be single on Valentine's day and How i spent mine

There's a few thoughts that appeared in my mind as i drank my blonde vanilla latte in Starbucks in the late lunch hour of February 14th .

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Whilst everyone was being showered with overpriced chocolates and overly-cliche cards of love, i was sitting in my train stations paradise from calamity (otherwise known as rush-hour), all by myself and yet: i've never felt so at home. Sure the coffee machine's were loud and the amount of times the barista had to shout 'latte with almond milk' is up to about 30 to this point, but as long as you are with a good brew, a good book and a good battery percentage: You'll do just fine.

I realised some time ago that it's okay to be single - must i stress- as it's less dependence on your significant other to boost your spirits, and as depressing as it is to be single on a couple's day, it's great for self love. This year is a fresh start for me on the relationship rota, as i don't have to go all boy crazy. Not like i did last year......

I realised a long time ago that although the day is about being with those you love, it's also about giving yourself some love, and it shouldn't have to be expensive, in fact after i've finished this blog post i'm going to catch up on some romance films on netflix.

Don't get me wrong, i'd love to have some arm candy, but i'd rather spend valentines this year indulging in some caramel popcorn and a good Film.

Lately i've been having a stressful time, with coursework, essays and ever-expanding workloads, i just haven't had time to look after myself.

To all the singleton's on february fourteenth, shower yourself with Love,

I'm happy to sit this one out, what about you?

Love Meg xx.png