Why It's Okay To Do Things At The Last Minute

I've been sick all week. I'm talking dizzy spells, full blown colds and a good ol' headache - not to mention swollen glands. To me it seemed like hell, to others it seemed like an excuse.

You see when i'm ill, or even feel a cold coming on, i put my feet up and say 'f it' to work. It's not the right attitude, which is why today i'm telling you that putting things up to the last second helps. Heck i've got an english essay due for monday, and i haven't even made a dint in it, But i've realised over time that it's okay.

If i said that to my parents, they'd probably send me to my grandmas to learn from the experts, whatever that means.

I've always been a last-minute girl. Homework can wait until sunday night, but honestly my parents think it's laziness. But i think it's called time-pressured thinking.

I don't like deadlines, especially when it pressures me into actually completing something to it's highest standard.


technically there's no wrong or right method when it comes to completing tasks early, or late. It depends on your mindset.

I find it easier to do it late because it's when i become more inspired and ideas start to grow. For example i've got an english essay due on Monday and i'm supposed to explain how identity can change through a change of social status- my example is Donald Trump. Now normally, if it's about that guy- i pretty much rant the whole time.

I have a visual mindset, meaning i learn more if things are in front of me, like a magazine or a diagram. I'm also a creative thinker (it comes and goes). But it doesn't mean i'm forcing you to do that as forcing someone to do something is wrong. This is usually the part when six year old Meg goes "Bad girl".

Feel free to stick to your own schedule, but also feel free to be yourself (oh god i sound like a self help book).


Always late, and always lazy,

Love Meg xx.png